About Tangata Group

Our Mission

Tangata Group is a human and disability rights-based organization that facilitates collaboration among ethiopia-vietnam4domestic and international communities in developing local projects that support access to advocacy, education, law reform, and sustainable development to assure the rights of people with disabilities to live self-directed lives with dignity.

Our Values

Tangata Group:

  • Recognizes and respects the cultural, social, political, racial, historical, and economic contexts and rights of local communities around the world;
  • Values the essence of humanity, with empathy for all;
  • Encourages full and equitable participation in all human activities (facets) of life;
  • Holds paramount equitable treatment and local ways of knowing and understanding human beings;
  • Fights for the elimination of all forms of discrimination (e.g., systemic, individual, physical, attitudinal, legal, educational); and
  • Is committed to implementing decolonizing and indigenous methodologies.

Our Vision

Tangata Group envisions a world where people with disabilities have access to live self-directed and dignified lives that are free of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination.