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Seoul, South Korea

I was invited to speak at a conference on disability in Seoul, South Korea, that was also a celebration of the Korean translation of “Federal Disability Law in a Nutshell,” written by Ruth Colker (the original edition included the late Adam Milani as co-editor). The conference coincided with International Disability Day, Monday, December 3rd. My wife, Trisha Moloney Schwartz, accompanied me as the trip’s sign language interpreter.

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From a Recent Sojourn in Japan…

You know you are in Japan when you see Hiroshima. The Atomic Bomb Dome brings to life the moment the bomb hit – it was one of a very few structures still standing after the blast, and it bears mute witness to the horror of that morning in August 1945. Here’s what ended World War II, and look at what it entailed: vaporized human beings, burning corpses, whole blocks and neighborhoods completely destroyed – gone without a trace. Visiting Hiroshima is like visiting Auschwitz. The context is different, but one basic truth remains: human beings destroyed other human beings on a massive scale.

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